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Travel & Expense

Plan | Learn | Optimize | Track | Settle  (PLOTS)

Mobility solution to enable enterprises lead their innovation and growth


Enterprises are actively looking to understand their distributors and retailers by providing a cohesive experience across channels. Whether it's meeting distributor expectations or understanding retailer requirements enterprises are looking for mobility solutions that help them bridge this gap.


Quay Intech understands your need and the importance of growing base of distributors and retailers in order to serve your customers efficiently and effectively. Our Partner Self Service (PSS) solution aids you from order and tracking to managing loyalty programs, display of product catalogue, and ability to show meaningful dashboards and insights.

With the objective of overcoming the shortfalls of traditional sales we have created MINETM App.

Following are the modules of our application:

 24x7 field force working with Customer providing unparalleled engagement

Introducing Simple, Intelligent Travel & Expense Mobile App

Organizations having large workforce have their employees and processing teams spending a significant amount of time and effort in claiming travel reimbursements for their business and other admissible expenses. The employee generally uploads the details of travel expenses into MS Excel sheets near the end of the month, in the process actual details like distance travelled, number of customers visited, conversion of prospect, etc. Generally following are the issues are faced in travel and expense:​​

  • Employees spend considerable amount of time in planning, claiming and following-up on the expenses they incur

  • It is very difficult for management to track the employee whereabouts

  • It is difficult for managers to ensure their teams are doing the right thing at right place at right time

  • Claim processing team is mostly loaded with volumes of claims to be screened and end up either taking too much time or resources

  • It is not feasible to determine the official distance travelled and employees end up either claiming higher or lower

  • Management is spending too much time to meet compliance and controls than to focus on core business needs

Quay Intech has revolutionized the process with an AI engine taking on the task of intelligent verification and processing of expense receipts including accessing productivity and meaningful analytics/information.

The Planning details are received by the system from employee, using which expense report is generated, while AI engine is looking for any exceptions. Planning details include Beat Plan, Business Trips, and Official Travel. Employee validates the report post which the AI engine, once again looks for any deviations such as – duplicate claims, policy exceptions, geofencing exceptions, overstated expenses, personal expenses or fictitious claims. In addition to looking at each individual claim in question, machine learning algorithms recognize patterns in data looking at – historical claims and customer visits, trends of expenses for employees in similar roles, etc. to flag off suspicious claims. Other elements of the user profile, such as notice period, percentage of round value expenses, nature of claims, role, etc. are also used as inputs to the AI model.

Supervisor intervention is sought only for a small set of flagged expenses – and these explanations are also incorporated into the AI engine to further refine the expense pattern for the given user. In situations where the comments given by employees to justify the claims are insufficient, supervisor inputs are sought and claims processed or rejected.

Following are the high-level modules of PLOTS:


The obvious benefit is around increased process velocity with cycle time for claim processing reducing from 7 days to 24 hours as a result of removing redundant checks. The solution helps organizations manage and reduce costs in employee time as well as improve user experience through reduction in user clicks. In addition, management gets direct insight into sales visits vs sales that have happened. Through geofencing the route for the employee could be suggested and tracked, minimizing any fraudulent claim.

Coupled with Travel assistance BOT and RPA our app provides a formidable edge over the existing technologies available in the market.

Highlights of PLOTS :

  • 3 click claim

  • AI based Auto route planning

  • Better compliance and control

  • Direct insight into productivity

  • Stay productive on the go

  • Upto 20% reduction in spend “reduction in claim value + processing effort & time”

  • Geo fencing & Geo Tagging

  • Intelligent claims processing

  • Auto generate staff review report and propose target customers while planning

  • Claim to payout in 24 hours with addon of RPA Services

If you’re still figuring out how to organize your travel and expenses requirements, then connect with us now -

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