Budget Tracking Application

Keeping your financial plan adjusted can enable you to remain on track fiscally and your long haul monetary wellbeing. To get the ball rolling for the yearly budget allocation, organizations are actively looking to streamline and use a cost efficient and at the same time customized solution.

If your existing budget vs spend tracking and approval process is cumbersome and it’s difficult to connect back the dots, then you are at the right place. Quay Intech presents a unique mobility solution that ensures you remain on top of your operating and capital budgeted spending. It does go a step further! It aligns with your business objectives on the go.


What is more important is the fact that it allows organization’s to spend little to start and scale as you grow. The total cost of ownership is low as the solution is cloud based. It is a value for money proposition and a win-win situation for customer.


If you’re still figuring out how to organize your operating and capital budgeting requirements, then connect with us now - marketing@quayintech.com