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Empower your fieldforce

MINE -  Mobility | Informative | Excellence

Your field-force works tirelessly meeting customers and making sales. Every sale they make contributes to their performance and organizations targets. Usually a sales representative reconciles all his sales with various inputs & reports. It’s a tedious task maintaining sheets and manual notes. Moreover keeping track of the due amount from credit sales is also cumbersome for a sales person.

We realized that as sales pressure would increase the actual potential of the sales representative was being lost. Also Supply-chain was not able to get timely inputs from Sales to forecast product demand. 

With the objective of overcoming the shortfalls of traditional sales we have created MINE App.

MINE App not only makes ordering quicker and easier but it also drives efficiencies and customer satisfaction. The app provides quick view to the sales made, overdue from customers and also provides sales trends. You can easily conduct business on the move, validate customer credit limits, take order details, forecast planning and collections. Sales team can also track individual and team incentive.

MINE App plays an important role to improve sales processes, operational efficiencies, reporting accuracy and internal communications. This app also plays an important role in gathering market intelligence by identifying customer profile, area potential, region potential, etc. 

If you’re still figuring out how to organize your sales, then connect with us now -


Easily Access Using App on Hand held Devices like Smart Phone, Tab also via  Web Browser


Leverage with Powerful Combination of Information & Financial Data


Make Timely Decisions, Expand Capabilities & Drive Business Effectively

Main features of MINE    App include:

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