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Point Of Sale

A Mini ERP and more, Nothing less

Create memorable customer experiences and seamless sales in-store on-the-go


Do you believe that your POS system gives you the necessary ammunition to cater to billing & cash, store management, insights & analytics, and above all let you manage business? If your answer to any of the items was NO, then think no further. You have come to the right place!!!


Quay Intech realizes that with ever increasing long queues in stores and the demanding customers, it becomes imminent for you to have a robust POS system that is not only a tool but an instrument of success. We have created intelligent Point of Sale (iPOS). 

iPOS supports your business whether you operate a standalone store or many points of sale across multiple locations. It offers flexibility to handle both single and multiple sales channels across your entire organization. This is mobile based and can work on Android as well as iOS platforms, thus it provides you mobility as well as speed. Through mobile itself you can scan bar-code of products and complete customer billing hassle-free.

iPOS plays an important role to improve sales processes, operational efficiencies, reporting accuracy and internal communications, and identify opportunities for cost reduction. This provides efficient data entry and specially designed reports with on-line filters suit any retail needs.

Following are the high-level modules of iPOS:

Manage Store

  • Auto propose merchandise requisition* to store

  • Track transit merchandise from distribution center or supplier (mail or SMS based)

  • Auto track and send reminders to concerned for resolution of issues/complaints/follow-up

  • Auto propose* customers to reach-out with offers or stock arrival or events (personal or seasonal)

  • On the fly do mass update to change offers/ discounts for relevant stores, products, regions 

  • Omni-Channel Sales - Store, online and stores across geography basis customer delivery point

Billing & Cash

  • Share product info, and any instruction booklets

  • Invoice by mail for products with warranty

  • Immediate Customer feedback by Tab for in-store or online for after sales

  • Auto remind store (and escalate) for pending orders (online or delivery)

Insights & Analytics

  • Personalized dynamic dashboard based on business focus, deviation or marked KPI

  • Auto Monitor* & Flag alerts on marked resource/KPI (when the event or deviation occurs)

  • Alert low inventory | non-compliance | non-closure of sales or bank deposit | unattended store

Manage Business

  • Auto reconciliation daily & monthly

  • Track – Business expenses, compliances

  • Manage employees – Role based access, incentives, attendance, leaves

  • Device integration – Barcode reader, printers, card reader

  • Tag and track all assets – Manage asset life-cycle

  • Conduct CRM activities and engage with customers for personalized offers, discounts, pickup reminders, new arrivals and more...

*Applied AI: Based on sales trend, business input, upcoming season, promos & discount, and low inventory (including alert)


Despite the power and scope, iPOS is amazingly easy software to implement & adopt.

If you’re still figuring out how to organize your point of sale requirements, then connect with us now -

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