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E-way Bill & E-Invoice

E-way Bill & E-Invoice Generation Solution For

Business Enterprises

QWay & QCompliance solution caters to the statutory requirements of generation of E-Way Bill & E-Invoice. This is an add-on solution which works within SAP. This solution works for other ERP.

Both solutions bring seamless automation to e-way bill and e-invoice generation within SAP. A one-click generation from within SAP & other ERP provides practical simplification and intelligence. Our solution provides multiple integration methods between SAP and NIC/GSTN/GSP. It is simple yet configurable to adapt changes introduced by government from time-to-time.

Highlights of QWay:

Highlights of QCompliance:


Authentication via IRP for IRN


MIS Reports – Status, Reconciliation

bill (1).png

Generation, Cancellation, and Printing of

E-Invoice as per the proposed government format


Dashboards and Alerts


GSTN compliant

E-Invoice directly from ERP billing transactions

To Know More About

To Know More About

  • Generate e-way bill directly through SAP

  • Applied intelligence

  • No manual logins required to create      eway bill

  • Auto calculate and propose distance     between shipper and receiver address

  • Plan your activities based on upcoming     shipments

  • 30+ validation checks

  • One-time entry

  • Alerts for key events like EWB nearing expiry, vehicle updates, etc.

  • Manage and link your e-way bill for delivery confirmation

  • Reconciliation with GST returns

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